About project

About project

The greenhouse complex “Kavkaz” is a large investment project being implemented with the active support of Stavropol region administrative authorities. Location - Pobegailovka village, Mineralovodskii district, Stavropol region. The greenhouse complex is designed for the cultivation of tomatoes.

The total cost of the project is 13,907 RUB bn. Project execution involves the construction of greenhouse blocks with phased addition of greenhouse facilities

The project also includes the construction of the following facilities:

  • three seedling compartments with a total area of 8,7 ha;
  • boiler room;
  • complex of auxiliary, service and office buildings;
  • recycling water supply infrastructure;
  • gas and electricity supply infrastructure.

1 Phase

Area: 41,42 ha
Production capacity: 14 158 tons of vegetables per annum.
Jobs created: 629
Project cost: 7,139 RUB bn
Commissioning: 2021

2 Phase

Area: 41,81 ha
Production capacity: 15 500 tons of vegetables per annum.
Jobs created: 667
Project cost: 6,768 RUB bn
Commissioning: 2022

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Facts only

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Permanent jobs for residents of the region with different skill levels

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Organic products

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The greenhouse complex will cultivate several tomato varieties simultaneously

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After commissioning of the project “Kavkaz”, the regional budget will receive more than 55 mln. RUB of taxes